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Jeff Weingarten Speaks on the Current Power Industry Marketplace

Southwest Electric Co. President, Jeff Weingarten, spoke with Transformer Technology’s Editor in chief, Alan [...]

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IR Windows

Why Are IR Windows So Important?

A common question we get regarding our custom switchgear is “Why are IR windows so important”? This video shows [...]

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Key Locks

Why Are Key Locks on Our Switch Enclosures?

A common question we get regarding our switchgear is “Why are key locks so common on our switch enclosures?” Key [...]

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dyno testing 3

The Importance of Dyno Testing

What is Dyno Testing? Dynamometer testing, more commonly known as dyno testing, is a type of motor load test. It [...]

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synchronous motor

The Basics of Synchronous Motors

At Southwest Electric, we work with synchronous motors daily in our shops. These motors are distinct in that they [...]

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The Difference Between Metal-enclosed & Metal-clad Switchgear

Metal-clad switchgear is typically considered top-of-the-line equipment, offering the most safety features, higher [...]

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Arc Flash Mitigation Switchgear

Why Arc Flash Mitigation is Worth It

An arc flash event poses tremendous risk toward safety of personnel, damage of property, and extended loss of [...]

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Everything You Need to Know About Vibration Analysis

Vibration analysis is an essential maintenance process for electric motors today. This article breaks down everything [...]

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motor preventative maintenance

6 Top Motor Preventative Maintenance Procedures

At Southwest Electric Co, we know how important electric motor preventative maintenance is when it comes to increasing [...]

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A Guide to Understanding Arc Flash Assessment Results

Perhaps you’ve been assigned to make sure your facility is meeting NFPA 70E compliance or you’ve been handed arc [...]

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Your Electrical Distribution System Checklist

Industry retirements and maintenance department budget cuts often result in lost knowledge and documentation gaps that [...]

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Switchgear Equipment Upgrade

3 Effective Electrical System Upgrades

Managing facilities with old equipment can be tough, especially when trying to keep up with production needs, safety, [...]

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