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Company Overview

Southwest Electric Co. is an electrical solutions provider and
equipment manufacturer for energy generation and distribution
companies and a variety of industrial markets. We offer a wide range
of services, including engineering and design for custom product
development, national field service, preventive maintenance, in-house
repair, and specialty OEM logistical services.

For more information, visit our About page.


The Custom Switchgear Division at Southwest Electric Co. focuses on innovative switchgear solutions to meet your evolving needs, whether you’re looking for new switchgear or want to repair or refurbish your existing equipment.

For more information, visit our Switchgear page.


Southwest Electric Co. offers state-of-the-art distribution transformers built to your exact specifications, for every industry. For 75 years and counting, our mission remains to make your power our priority, with all products fully designed and built in the USA. For more information, visit our Custom Distribution Transformers page.

Southwest Electric Co. Specialty Transformer Division specializes in the design and manufacturing of liquid-filled transformers. Our team can work with you to identify the exact specifications you need.

For more information, visit our Transformers page.

Industrial Motors

Southwest Electric Co. provides integrated electric motor services for a wide range of industries. Our highly skilled team provides superior technical innovation, problem-solving, and project management to satisfy all your industrial motor needs.

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Field Services

We’re committed to providing innovative solutions and exceptional service for our customers. To better serve our customers, we offer a wide range of national field services for transformers, switchgear, breakers, and industrial motors.

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