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The Custom Switchgear Division at Southwest Electric Company focuses on innovative switchgear solutions to meet your evolving needs.

Today, industries are more integrated and require more power from a variety of sources (renewables, utilities), and the need to integrate all of these sources with the existing real state requires designs and custom-made equipment. Our experienced electrical switchgear staff provides a range of flexible solutions, whether you’re looking for new switchgear or hoping to repair or refurbish your existing equipment.

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Switchgear Solutions

Upgrading your switchgear is a significant commitment that requires buy-in from all levels of your organization. At SWE we understand the complexities involved in this process and can walk you through each step. Our competitive lead times and alternative solutions will keep your operations running as smoothly as possible.

We start by listening to you and reviewing your site to understand your exact requirements. From there, our team will develop a custom switchgear solution that will meet your needs while also:

  • Streamlining installation
  • Reducing downtime
  • Matching existing Footprints/Layouts
  • Protecting against harsh environments

We specialize in custom or non-standard switchgear, and we use best-in-class components to optimize both cost and performance. This focus on custom solutions means we can offer unmatched flexibility in finding the best fit for your needs.

At SWE, you’re not limited to working with one specific manufacturer. We source components from a variety of the top OEMs, including:

  • abt logo
  • Boltswitch logo
  • cutler-hammer logo
  • Eaton logo
  • General Electric logo
  • Powercon Corp logo
  • Siemens logo
  • Toshiba logo

Switchgear Maintenance & Repair

Our Switchgear & Breaker Service Centers offer a full range of testing, maintenance, reconditioning and retrofitting services for all brands of electrical switchgear and circuit breakers. We can do this work on location or in our shop.

The methods we use in rebuilding circuit breakers and contactors exceed both industry standards as well as the services typically offered by other switchgear providers. Learn more about our Field Services.

Arc Flash Study & Mitigation

As new research and standards are developed, the industry continues to learn better ways to reduce the risk of dangerous arc flashes. Current standards recommend that a potential arc flash should not be able to exceed 40 cal/cm2 for the safety of your workforce.

Learn everything you need to know about arc flash on our blog.

In many facilities with older equipment, plant engineers and maintenance staff have no way to know the potential energy their equipment could emit during an arc flash. That’s where a risk assessment, or arc flash study, comes in.

At SWE, we can perform any arc flash studies you need, partnering with an engineering firm to analyze the results. From there, we can provide arc flash mitigation, reconfiguring any of your equipment that exceeds safety limits.

Building a Long-Term Partnership

Whether it’s designing custom switchgear, servicing your existing equipment or guarding your safety through arc flash mitigation, our goal is the same. We want to build a long-term partnership with you by providing exceptional performance, quality, and value at every step.

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