Southwest Electric Co. is temporarily experiencing technical difficulties. Please visit our Locations page and contact any office by phone. For direct contact, call Eric Gersh at 330.205.8730 for switchgear, Jeremy Cody at 405.605.9188 for motors, Tucker Davis at 405.435.0631 for transformers, Al Viles at 918.760.6240 for western field service, and John Farag at 615.839.2956 for eastern field service.

Southwest Electric is Your Power Partner

Southwest Electric Co. is committed to keeping your facility up and running. With our proven performance, we offer a depth of engineering and design for custom product development, field services, and motor repair. Some of the industries we work with include but are not limited to the following:

  • Utilities

  • Oil & Gas

  • Substations

  • Industrial

  • Data Centers

Need a Custom Solution?

At Southwest Electric Co we offer innovative, site specific solutions to meet the evolving needs of our broad customer base. Our experienced staff thinks outside the box to offer the optimum custom solution to your specified needs.

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