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Arc Flash Mitigation

Why Arc Flash Mitigation is Worth It

An arc flash event poses tremendous risk toward safety of personnel, damage of property, and extended loss of productivity. Agencies like NFPA and OSHA have instituted means to identify, calculate, and raise awareness of these risks to personnel, but quite often the means to reduce these risks remain unaddressed. More often than not, facilities end […]

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A Guide to Understanding Arc Flash Assessment Results

Perhaps you’ve been assigned to make sure your facility is meeting NFPA 70E compliance or you’ve been handed arc flash assessment results and asked to provide your manager a “quick summary” or you’re just curious of the arc flash risk in your facility and want to understand it better. In any case, you’re handed either […]

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3 Effective Electrical System Upgrades

Managing facilities with old equipment can be tough, especially when trying to keep up with production needs, safety, reliability, regulations, and balancing all of that with cost and budget constraints. Age of equipment leads to increased downtime, scarcity of replacement parts consumes budgets, and neglected equipment drawings (usually red-lined scribbles at best) make troubleshooting an […]

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Arc Flash: Everything You Need to Know in 5 Minutes

What is Arc Flash? Electrical systems are designed for electrical current to flow through conductors. However, when this current travels through air, an arc is formed. This event is called arc flash and poses significant risk toward the safety of personnel, property, and productivity. At 480V (the voltage that powers the majority of equipment in […]

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