About Southwest Electric Company

Our Mission

Improve our customer’s ability to succeed through the efficient and effective use of their investments and resources in the consumption of materials and power to increase productivity in a sustainable manner.

Our Vision

  • Improve the performance of our customer’s investments through the application of engineered solutions and quality service and products
  • Attract and retain the right talent to support each business segment; achieving sustainable and profitable growth.
  • Integrate lean enterprise solutions, information systems and highly trained technical people within each of our business segments.
  • Conduct our business in a responsible manner; compliant with the rules and regulations and laws emphasizing safety for our employees at all times.

Our Story  (for our milestones, click here)

Southwest Electric Company was established when three brothers moved to Oklahoma City from Ft. Smith, Arkansas and opened an electric motor repair business. Over the years the business expanded into four motor repair centers covering all of Oklahoma, and parts of Kansas, Arkansas and Texas, and the company also began work in custom transformers manufacturing, repair and service.  The company's original focus of oil and gas markets has since expanded to multiple industrial markets.   an eventually into manufacturing their own designs for the oil and gas markets.

In the 1980’s, Southwest Electric Company was sold to its present owner. Since that time, the Tulsa operation moved into a larger facility and expanded into switchgear services and breaker repair. The Company grew rapidly, adding custom switchgear design and manufacturing and currently services and product solutions nationwide and in several countries around the globe.   Southwest Electric Company has grown and expanded its scope of activities since its inception operates out of eight different locations.