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How Often Should I Pull Transformer Oil Samples?

A common question we get from our customers is “How often should I pull transformer oil samples?” Our training manager Mark Stone has the answer in our latest video: Most of the industry finds that insurance companies set minimum requirements for their transformer oil testing. In most cases, annual oil samples will be required, and […]

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The Importance of Dyno Testing

What is Dyno Testing? Dynamometer testing, more commonly known as dyno testing, is a type of motor load test. It detects issues with motors that only surface while under load and ensures that all the electrical properties of a rebuilt motor are correct. This can only be confirmed by putting a minimum of 30-50% load […]

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4 Things You Need to Know About Transformer Oil

Transformer oil is necessary for many reasons. In this article, you’ll learn four things you need to know about transformer oil, including how to monitor its health and keep your facilities running smoothly.  1- Transformer Oil vs. Synthetic Fluids Today, the majority of transformers are still filled with mineral oil. But, other types of oil […]

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Traditional Transformer Oil vs. Today’s Alternative Fluids

The following article was published in Transformer Technology‘s Issue 9. Read the original article here. Today, most transformers are filled with mineral oil. This has been the case since the late 19th century, when chemist Elihu Thomson, whose company later merged to form General Electric, patented the use of mineral oil in transformers to help […]

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The Importance of Electrical Testing Your Transformer

Testing your equipment is an important part of making sure your transformers are operating correctly and efficiently. The most common and cheapest form of testing for a transformer is usually oil testing, but what do you do when the results of oil testing are questionable? You can try verifying the test with another oil sample, […]

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