Motor Repair Technician (Oklahoma City, OK) - Southwest Electric

Motor Repair Technician

Oklahoma City, OK


Southwest Electric Co. in Oklahoma City, OK is looking for an experienced Electric Motor Mechanic to join our family-owned and operated shop. The ideal candidate needs to understand how to test, teardown and repair a variety of industrial AC/DC motors. If you have experience utilizing a megger, high potential tester and balancing rotors and armatures feel free to apply and join our amazing family-oriented company.


  • Tests coils, armatures, stator, rotor, and field coils for continuity, shorts, and grounds and insulation resistance.
  • Ability to utilize Hi-Pot, Fluke, Megger (insulation resistance), volt & amp meters to test and record critical measurements with micrometers, calipers, etc.
  • Ability to balance rotors and armatures in stand balancer. Balance using portable balance equipment to perform trim balancing either on-site or in shop.
  • Ability to operate vacuum ovens, Baker Surge tester, Core tester, hydraulic bearing pullers, high voltage test panels for testing running motors.


  • HS Diploma or GED required and 2 years mechanical training at a Technology center.
  • 4+ years related experience and/or training equivalent combination.

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