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7 Reasons to Choose Southwest Electric as Your Transformer Manufacturer

You may recognize Southwest Electric Co. as a go-to substation service provider, a custom manufacturer of switchgear, or a reliable motor repair shop. But, unless you are local to the Oklahoma vicinity or heavily involved in the oil and gas industry, you may not be aware of our extensive history as a transformer manufacturer, specializing in the design and production of custom distribution transformers. While we primarily focused our transformer production over the years on feeding electrical submersible pumps in the oil fields, we also developed the capability to design product for supplying power from local utilities or distributing power throughout industrial campuses. Southwest Electric Co. has design solutions for most distribution transformer applications with minimizing total installed cost as a main driver to help our customers.

SWE has accumulated over 50 years of combined experience servicing, refurbishing, and eventually manufacturing new transformers. Since the late 1970’s, at the request of our customers, SWE designed our first multi-tap distribution transformer, specifically for the submersible pump application used in the oil and gas fields. We eventually developed our FACT (Full Amp Capacity Transformer) line for this purpose and currently own a large market share for this specific application.

Due to the growing demand for custom distribution transformers with unique specifications in more traditional applications (padmount or substation type), SWE recently developed improved, cost-competitive designs for step-up/step-down applications commonly applied in industrial and utility campuses.  These custom-designed transformers meet unique specifications (dimensions, performance, orientations, etc.) that customers request for specific applications.

What makes SWE unique as a transformer manufacturer?

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1- Design Experience

We have maintained UL-listed designs for 5000 kVA and below (with plans to increase), ranging in multiple designs and applications. Applicable designs are DOE compliant, ensuring highest level of efficiency. Engineering and manufacturing reside in the same shared space within our facility and symbiotically produce quality performance in our transformers.

2- Custom Applications to Save Money

We have designs for up to 25 tap ranges, phase-shifting secondaries to offset harmonic load, padmount deadfront designs for safety, specific dimensions to match existing infrastructure, autotransformers, complete substations, and more.

3- Competitive Lead Times

Southwest Electric Transformer

We maintain stock of high-volume multi-tap transformers in our yard and can build-to-order in reduced lead times as needed. Once a design goes through approval, repeat orders can process immediately upon receipt of order. We maintain stock levels of select designs in multiple locations, for quicker access. View our up-to-date list of stocked transformers here, and contact us if what you need is not on the list.

4- Innovative Features

Besides the various accessories that can be included (gauges, monitors, tap changers, etc.), SWE offers LOAD (Live Oil Access Device), a means to safely obtain oil samples while the transformer is in service. SWE can also offer transformers made of stainless steel for extremely harsh environments. For transformers with a large number of taps, we offer a two-handle non-load tap changer that can allow up to 25 different tap voltages. See our extensive list of custom features here.

5- Transformer Maintenance & Repair Program

Within the same transformer manufacturing failcity, we also accept existing distribution transformers from our customers to be evaluated and refurbished, complete with a renewed warranty for the service provided. We accept a wide variety of manufacturers’ models and review our findings with the customer prior to any work taking place.

6- In-House Service at Your Doorstep

With service centers based in four locations, covering the East Coast through the Rockies, we have experienced engineers and technicians to provide service, diagnostics, and repairs on a wide variety of both power and distribution transformers.  Services include inspections, diagnostics, testing, oil processing, relocation, and commissioning or decommissioning. Find our locations listed here.

7- Made in the USA

Our transformer manufacturing facility located in Oklahoma City, OK produces an average of over 3,500 new transformers each year. All fabricating, welding, winding, and testing is done in-house and by hand.

SWE has dedicated sales staff, both at the plant and in the field in multiple states, available to address any requests, inquiries, or problems you may be facing regarding your power distribution needs. Simply call 833-YOUR-SWE, or inquire directly from our website at www.swelectric.com/custom. One more way SWE strives to be your go-to transformer manufacturer and support provider!

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