Substation Services: Electrical, Fluid & Gas Testing

electrical testingTesting of your Power Transformers is a critical part of your preventive maintenance program. Electrical, fluid and gas testing is essential in confirming the reliability of all your applicable substation equipment. Routine testing can detect a wide variety of existing or developing problems in the core and coil assembly, load tap-changer, bushings and other ancillary equipment on your Power Transformers.

SWE’s Test Engineers have over 100 years of cumulative experience testing every MVA, kV, type and brand of transformers. Whether you are looking for routine diagnostic testing or failure analysis, SWE has the equipment and skilled personnel to perform the job for you.

As Doble Clients, SWE has access to the largest and most comprehensive transformer test results database in the world for comparing your transformers to others of the same size, manufacturer and vintage.

Detailed Services Offered

Electrical Tests

  • Doble Power Factor on windings, bushings and arresters utilizing the M-4100 test set
  • Hot Collar test of bushings with C1, C2 capacitance tap tests
  • Megger of the Core Ground at 2.5 kV DC
  • TTR utilizing a 3 phase TTR on all taps or designated tap
  • Winding Insulation Resistance
  • Winding Excitation up to 10 kV
  • CT ratio, polarity and saturation
  • Operational tests of all controls, pumps, fans and other ancillary devices
  • Calibration of gauges
  • SFRA (Sweep Frequency Response Analysis)
  • Solid state & Electro-Mechanical Relays

Fluid Analysis Tests: Mineral Oil, Silicone & FR-3

  • Liquid Screen consisting of:
    Acid Neutralization Number, Interfacial Tension, Dielectric, Color, Specific Gravity, Visual, Karl Fischer (H20 in ppm) and Oxidation Inhibitor
  • PCB’s in ppm
  • DGA (Dissolved Gas in Oil)
  • Furan Analysis in ppb
  • Dissolved Metals in Oil
  • Liquid Power Factor

Gas Analysis: SF6

  • Moisture (humidity)
  • Purity