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John Cree

Account Manager

John Cree is based in the Northeast of Atlanta, GA, boasting a remarkable 10-year tenure in the realm of electrical generating equipment and distribution systems. This wealth of experience perfectly aligns with his current role at Southwest Electric, where he passionately represents the company across Georgia, Florida, and Alabama.

Dedicated to upholding Southwest Electric’s sterling reputation since its inception in 1946, John strives to deliver top-notch products, services, and unwavering customer satisfaction. The extensive array of offerings under his purview includes modernizing existing switchgear, crafting bespoke switchgear solutions, implementing preventative maintenance measures, engineering innovative solutions, facilitating the sale of new switchgear, and overseeing the startup and commissioning of cutting-edge equipment. He also excels in the service and sales of Transformers, Switches, AC/DC Motors, circuit breakers, switches, metering, power correction equipment, and power monitoring and power quality. When troubleshooting and repair challenges arise, John stands ready to tackle them head-on.

John’s personal commitment extends to embracing Southwest Electric’s core values, with a special affinity for “Creativity.” He thrives on the fluidity of redefining problems and crafting tailor-made solutions for clients. In a world where one-size-fits-all solutions are often inadequate, his ability to think outside the box and infuse creativity paves the way for innovative problem-solving, benefiting businesses and industries in an ever-evolving landscape.

Beyond the confines of the workplace, John treasures quality time with his beloved family – a loving Wife, three cherished children, and two loyal dogs. The great outdoors beckon, and he eagerly embraces opportunities for hiking, fishing, hunting, and sharing precious moments in the pristine surroundings and babbling streams of North Georgia’s mountains.

With unwavering dedication, John eagerly anticipates the continued delivery of Southwest Electric’s hallmark quality products, services, and a customer-first mindset to the industries within the Southeastern region.

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