Substation & Transformer Services: Transformer Oil Processing

transformer transfer truck

When it comes to transformer oil processing SWE has the equipment, experience and skilled personnel to perform oil processing on your power transformers, safely and efficiently.SWE’s Oil Processing Technicians are trained and experienced for processing oil in power transformers, from vacuum filling to hot oil cleaning we can handle the project.

If your oil test reports are showing deficiencies in your oil, give us a call and let our experience go to work for you.

Detailed Services Offered

transformer services
  • Vacuum Filling of new units or existing units
  • Vacuum Dehydration by multiple passes through Heat/Vacuum
  • Vacuum Dehydration by Hot Oil Splash with Cold Trap moisture monitoring
  • Vacuum Degasification by multiple passes through Heat/Vacuum
  • Hot Oil Cleaning/Reclamation utilizing Fuller’s Earth filtering and addition of Inhibitor
  • Dehydration and Degasification of Silicone Fluid
  • Vacuum filling, Dehydration and Degasification of FR-3 Fluid