Transformer Services: Assembly, Vacuum Filling, Acceptance Testing & Relocation

assembling transformerWhen purchasing a new transformer it has to be received, assembled, vacuum-filled (if not shipped with oil) and commission tested prior to energizing or storage. SWE’s Substation Service Division has assembled transformers from 5 MVA to 500 MVA, including furnace transformers, rectifiers and GSU’s built by manufacturers from all over the world.

Additionally, when the need arises for you to relocate a power transformer you will want to make sure the company that performs this service has years of experience in all phases of the project. SWE has relocated units "turnkey" from 5 MVA to 500 MVA.  SWE’s Substation Service Division can perform and supervise all phases of a relocation project from start to completion.

SWE has the skilled personnel to handle any assembly or relocation project including; jacking and sliding, picking with a crane, truck or rail transportation and almost any other situation.

Detailed Services Offered

  • Receiving of the unit from the Hauling Company
  • Pre-offloading SFRA, Core Ground and Dew point testing
  • Impact Recorder analysis
  • Internal inspection for core movement and other shipping damage
  • Offloading and placement on pad
  • Inspection of accessories to be installed
  • Uncrating of accessories
  • Installation of all accessories removed for shipment
  • Dew point testing prior to vacuum-filling
  • Vacuum-filling per manufacturer’s or customer’s specification with manufacturer, customer or SWE supplied dielectric fluid
  • Commissioning testing per manufacturer’s or customer’s specification
  • Disposal of crating materials
  • Pre-disassembly testing including SFRA testing
  • Draining of the dielectric fluid and transporting it to the new location
  • Disassembly and crating of accessories for shipping to new site
  • Rigging of unit onto transportation vehicle, either truck or rail as required
  • Pre-offloading testing when the unit arrives at the new site
  • Offloading and placing on the new pad
  • Reassembly of all accessories removed for relocation
  • Replacing all other gaskets on unit if requested
  • Vacuum-filling per customer’s specification
  • Commissioning testing per customer’s specification
  • Disposal of crating materials