ELECTRICAL SYSTEM SERVICES: Switchgear, Breakers, Automation & Control Systems

Southwest Electric's Switchgear & Breaker Service Centers offer complete testing, troubleshooting, calibration, repair, reconditioning, remanufacturing and retrofitting services for all brands of electrical switchgear and circuit breakers, both in the field and in-shop.


Southwest Electric technicians and engineers are factory trained by leading OEM's and highly capable of troubleshooting and maintaining your VFD's.  Our staff of highly trained technicians, are specialists -- skilled, trained, experienced craftsmen who take great pride in performing top quality and thorough jobs. We provide excellent documentation of the work performed, and resident engineering support is available within Southwest Electric when needed to assure reliability and proper application of components and parts.


Procedures and methods utilized in rebuilding circuit breakers and contactors exceed accepted industry standards and services typically offered by other switchgear service suppliers. Unless otherwise specified by you, the customer, Southwest Electric uses high current testing methods on all low voltage power circuit breakers to test tripping curve accuracy,  instead of the less rigorous secondary control circuit current injection method used by some other service suppliers.


Southwest Electric Co. sells, services and repairs a variety of power protection and automation and control components from 600 volt class through 34.5 kV including:

• Low voltage metal frame power circuit breakers
• Low and medium voltage switches
• Medium voltage air magnetic circuit breakers
• Vacuum circuit breakers
• SF6 gas interruption circuit breakers
• Medium voltage motor starter contractors of all types
• Protective Relays and Trip Units
• Metering and Communication Devices

Please contact us today for support on your electrical systems service, including switchgear and circuit breakers:    

800-364-9494 Central/West Region

800-364-8605 Eastern Region


Services Available

• On-site or In-Shop Inspection, Troubleshooting, Testing, Maintenance, Repair and Remanufacturing. 

• Commissioning and de-commissioning of Switchgear, Circuit Breakers and Motor Starters (600V Class through 34.5kV Class, Air Magnetic or Vacuum)

• Infrared Thermal Imaging 

• Testing and Calibration of Protective Relays

• Retrofitting Low Voltage Air Circuit Breakers with Solid State Trip Kits
Installation of Ground Fault Protection and Metering Systems

• Acceptance Testing of High Voltage Cable

• Diagnostic Testing of Small Power Transformers,  Load Centers Unit Substations and Motor Control Centers  

• Sales of Spare/Replacement Breakers and Parts

• Sales of New, Used and Reconditioned Equipment Sales

• Installation of metering and communication components  for electrical, physical and environmental  conditions