SWE has grown from the original “local motor repair shop” with 3 employees in its founding year of 1946, to what is today a highly diversified designer, manufacturer and independent service provider for a wide array of electric apparatus to support applications in energy and general industry, with no inherent bias or allegiance to any one OEM. Its 70 year history and key milestones are testament to its proven ability to provide turnkey solutions as well as services, support and repair in motor, substation/transformer equipment, switchgear & breakers, from coast to coast, and beyond.

Key Company Milestones

2016 - Will achieve 70 years of experience in satisfying and exceeding our customer’s expectations


  • Arc Flash Mitigation Systems Concept – began development and field trials of system for launch in 2016
  • Motor Manufacturing and Repair Facility - Expanded to new 100,000 sq ft facility in Oklahoma City

2012 - SERVICES ORGANIZATION GROWTH - Enabled greater growth in substation services, switchgear and transformer service with a move into a new 43,000 sq ft Field Service facility in Nashville ,TN

2003 - Established OEM Logistics and Inventory Management Services specialty services -- with dedicated facility for logistics and inventory management in Oklahoma City - contracting with Magellan as first landmark customer.

2002 – Expanded Motor Repair & Service Center capabilities and coverage with additional 14,000 sq ft facility in Nashville TN.

2000 – CUSTOM SWITCHGEAR DIV - Built/opened new facility in Louisville, OH

1996 – CUSTOM SWITCHGEAR DIV - Expanded business into Custom Switchgear design and manufacturing (Alliance, OH)

1990 - Expanded Switchgear and Breaker Services into Tulsa, OK

1990-1995 Developed our Field Service capabilities from regional to national coverage, by developing and maintaining strategic alliances/service agreements with several key customers in diverse markets

1985 -1st Patent on the FACT® Transformer

1960’s - Added Transformer Manufacturing capabilities and facility in Oklahoma city. (Today, Southwest Electric is the primary supplier of multi-tap specialty transformers for downhole submersible oil pumps to global market. )

1946-1960 - Expanded Southwest Electric company as a motor services and repair company to broader regional presence

1946 - Southwest Electric Company founded with a 12,000 sq ft motor repair facility in Oklahoma City, OK as independent supplier of repair and maintenance services.